titanium loupesThe next time you visit your dentist, pay attention to what they are looking through when they look into your mouth.  Many visits to the dentist, upon an oral examination into your mouth, you will notice that they will place eye gear or simply swing a larger than normal size magnifying glass by your mouth.

Do you ever wonder what the eye gear is called?  Typically the eye gear is special glasses that come with a magnifying glass attached to it.  Similar to what a jeweler might wear when looking closely at a gem or diamond.  These funny looking glasses are called loupes.  By using these magnifying lenses, doctors can obtain an enlarged view of the focus area which will help them with precision accuracy in identifying a proper diagnosis.

Today with improvement in medical advances, loupes are smaller and more powerful in magnification and some even come with special lighting to help make the target area even more visible especially in dark crevices that normally without light, cannot be seen even when magnified.

There are many types of loupes and one popular brand is orascoptic loupes.  This manufacturer of surgical glasses is well known because of the stylish design of the glasses they provide but not only that, the glasses are very comfortable and affordable.  Most orascoptic loupes range around $300 to $400 dollars and can be ordered online through various medical outlets.

There are other types of eyewear used in surgery.  Some even protect the eyes against dangerous laser lights.  This type of eyewear is known as laser glasses or laser safety goggles which will protect the surgeon from dangerous laser lights by providing a special shielding action.

The next time you wonder what those funny magnifying glasses your dentist or surgeon is wearing, you’ll know those are medical devices called a loupe.